A large pickup truck with a snow plow clearing a dryway in aparment complex.

The following is a list of Rockland Snow services that can be added to your snow and ice management plan. We offer seasonal contracts for any of the services listed below. Please contact us at Rockland Snow for an estimate.

Snow Stacking

Rockland Snow will remove piles of snow on your property and relocate them.This can free up prime parking areas, walkways and traffic areas for smooth transit throughout your property. With Rockland Snow, you’ll be able to decide when and where your snow is stacked.

Snow Hauling

Snow stacking isn’t enough. If the snow piles up too high, or there isn’t enough safe places to relocate the snow on your own property, Rockland Snow can literally drag the snow away. We work efficiently and haul that snow off to an offsite location. The snow will be out of sight

Ramp Snow and Ice Removal

Contact Rockland Snow instead for the best in snow and ice removal from ramps and any overhead areas on your property.

Sidewalk, Ramp and Walkway Cleaning

Rockland Snow can provide safe passage for all of your employees and visitors by clearing sidewalks, ramps and walkways. Rockland Snow has the manpower and tools to get the job done.

Our snow clearing services are just the start. Rockland Snow can also provide you with various ice control applications to keep your walkways and steps safely accessible for the duration of winter.

Ice Control

Ice control refers to both de-icing and anti-icing applications that help reduce the amount of ice that accumulates on all transit areas of your property. Our anti-icing applications  prevent ice from bonding to concrete and paved areas. Using our weather monitoring services we can apply anti-icing agents to your property as a preemptive strike in order to provide you with the safest possible conditions in winter.

Rockland Snow also provides traditional de-icing services, which is a reactive method of removing ice once the snow has been cleared.

Our knowledgeable staff is ready and waiting to prepare you properly for winter by offering you the ideal de-icing and anti-icing strategies.

Rockland Snow is the industry leader in commercial property snow and ice removal. We are the best choice to ensure that your business has the optimal conditions to thrive in the harsh months of winter. Contact us today to schedule your property assessment, meet your Rockland Snow contractor and prepare yourself for the winter season.